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Why We're Different

In today’s world, the lack of company-sponsored pensions leave many investors trying to solve one of life’s toughest math problems on their own: retirement. Most advisors, investment firms and planning software recommend a process to address the challenge that involves accumulating a definitive amount of assets over a person’s working years.

In this scenario - principal is accrued and systematically liquidated (or spent down) to fund ever- increasing retirement expenses for an unpredictable period of time.

At GrandView Wealth Advisors, we believe this is a flawed process that leaves too many variables unaccounted for. At its foundation, this account-value approach to retirement planning is not viable. It revolves around questions that are impossible to answer or predict. Questions like:

  • What if the market fails?
  • What if inflation spikes?
  • What if I live longer than I planned for?
  • What if my career ends sooner than I’d hoped?

You have worked too hard over your lifetime to rely on a retirement rooted in uncertainty.

Our approach differs from other firms. Emphasizing the preservation of principal, we focus on your current cash flow to meet today’s expenses, and rising cash flow to meet the expenses of tomorrow.

We believe your retirement should be comfortable, stress-free and aligned with your current lifestyle. Which is why we take time to understand what retirement means to you. We go beyond the pie-chart approach, and design strategies that account for your goals, endeavors, and lifelong dreams.

The approach we take to retirement is powerful and effective. We invite you to talk to us about putting a cash-flow- first plan in place, for the benefit of your—and your family’s—financial future.