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Who We Help

GrandView Wealth Advisors helps high net-worth individuals and business owners better prepare for retirement. While the specific situation of each client investor is unique, many share the common goals of:

  • Ensuring the effective management of their business
  • Assuring retirement needs are met
  • Taking care of their children, parents, and grandchildren
  • Leaving a lasting legacy

We help our clients achieve their goals and long-term investment success by raising a passive income that increases cash flow from portfolio assets - rather than the value of an index and the volatility of value that comes with it.


Over the years, we have learned retirement means different things to different people, but most share the same concerns that keep them awake at night.

  • What will it take for me to retire comfortably and stay retired with no compromise in my standard of living?
  • What if I get sick?
  • How will I spend my newfound time in retirement?
  • What do I need to accomplish between now and retirement?
  • If I retire from my employer, have I accumulated enough in assets to replace my income?

We help high-net worth individuals move confidently toward retirement with a strategy that not only addresses these questions, but answers them.


We understand the complexities business owners face as they plan for their own retirement and seek plans for their employees. Above and beyond personal financial concerns, business owners must strategize a plan that addresses the needs of their organization and employees in retirement. They question:

  • If I sell my business, will I net enough in assets to replace my income
  • Do I have the right retirement plan for myself and my employees?
  • Am I maximizing my company retirement plan?
  • After putting so much into my business over the years, Is there a way I could “catch up” with my retirement assets (beyond the $24,500 annual limit for folks over 50.)

GrandView Wealth Advisors works with business owners in selecting and managing corporate- sponsored retirement plans that fulfill the needs of their employees, and the bottom line of their company. Our team works as the co-fiduciary advisors to companies with sponsored retirement plans. We provide retirement plan governance, education to employees, and help with the firm’s retirement planning needs.